"God Killers, is an amazing debut - vibrantly written, raw, visceral - with something of the brooding atomsphere of Beowulf and the earthiness of Robert E. Howard. What’s worse, there are some scenes in there I wish I had thought of!"

RICARDO PINTO was born in Lisbon, Portugal. When he was six, his family moved first to London and then Dundee, Scotland. He received a degree in mathematics at Dundee University, and in 1983 moved to London without a job and bluffed his way into writing computer games for a local firm. Some time later, a friend whose company produced tabletop wargames asked Pinto to design a world. This led to the self-publication of his first book, Kryomek. Further work in gaming, that allowed him to continue writing, finally led to the sale of his highly-acclaimed three-volume masterpiece The Stone Dance of the Chameleon.

"Brave, exciting, and adventurous, Godkillers is something unique in the
world of fiction."

JEFF VANDERMEER is the author of the best-selling City of Saints and Madmen, set in his signature creation, the imaginary city of Ambergris, in addition to several other novels from Bantam, Tor, and Pan Macmillan. He has won two World Fantasy Awards and been a finalist for the Hugo Award, Bram Stoker Award, IHG Award, Philip K. Dick Award, and many others. Novels such as Veniss Underground and Shriek: An Afterword have made the year’s best lists of, The Austin Chronicle, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Publishers Weekly, among others.

"Muscular, melancholy and full of integrity - fantasy that matters."

CHINA MIÉVILLE is the best-selling multi-award-winning author of Perdido Street Station, The Scar, Iron Council, Un Lun Dun and his collected short stories Looking For Jake. 

"Liam Sharp's world-building inspires awe, but it's in character, narrative momentum and the rich, layered textures of their prose that these stories leave their mark on you."

MIKE CAREY got into writing through comic books, where his horror/fantasy series Lucifer garnered numerous international awards and was nominated for five Eisners. From there he moved into novels - his Felix Castor series has been a huge success - and screenplays, while still maintaining a presence in the comics world (he is currently writing two of Marvel's flagship titles, X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four). His movie Frost Flowers, an erotic ghost story, is currently in production with Hadaly/Bluestar Pictures.

"Lyrical, bloodthirsty and excellent. It rocks"

PAUL CORNELL is a British writer best known for his work in television drama as well as Doctor Who fiction.
Other television dramas for which he has written include Robin Hood, Primeval, Casualty, Holby City and Coronation Street.
Cornell also writes for Marvel comics and has written two original novels - British Summertime and Something More.

"Liam Sharp writes like the painter he is, deftly exploiting color, image, and texture to create a visceral pattern on the cortex. These are dark fables told with an assured lightness - twisted treasures from the recesses of a mind that has spent a good deal of time in places most of us spend our energy avoiding."

DOUGLAS RUSHKOFF is the best-selling New York-based writer of "Coercion: Why We Listen to What "They" Say" and "The Ecstasy Club", and a regular columnist and lecturer on technology, media and popular culture.

“A significant achievement. The arresting visual invention will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with Liam’s art; the rich textures of the crafted milieu will come as a delight to everyone looking for properly convincing fantasy.”

DAN ABNETT has worked for 2000 AD and Marvel Comics (including their UK imprint) since the early 1990s, although he has also contributed to DC Comics titles. His Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 novels and graphic novels for Games Workshop's Black Library now run to several dozen titles.