DC/Wildstorm sent me my signing schedule for this years San Diego comic convention, which I'm delighted to be attending again this year after a few years away. You can find me on the DC/Wildstorm stand with Joshua Ortega and Jim Lee at these times:

1-2pm – SIGNING: WS booth

1-2pm – SIGNING: WS booth

12-1pm – SIGNING: WS booth

So late lunches for me this year!

If you're at the show come and say hello!




OK, well maybe not sold out yet, but we're going back to press so we can fulfill the orders we're getting.  Very exciting.  This also fives me the chance to include the very kind words other authors have gifted me - Mike Carey, Paul Cornell, to name a couple - and put the fantastic SFX quote on the cover!  I'm still so delighted about my review.  4 stars.  I would have been happy with three! :)


Hi all.

Forgive my tardiness - it's been a CRAZY couple of months!  Gears of War went through the roof, I got an email from Lucas film (apparently George is a fan!) and the deadlines have been piling up...  But it's all good stuff, so you won't hear me complaining.
Just to let you know, there are four new readings up from Machivarius Point, so if you haven't pre-ordered an advance copy yet and are still uncertain if it's your thing, then thiese might help you decide.

All my very best,


BEARDISM 10/22/2008

This is just a quick post to introduce the world to an almost forgotten, much maligned art movement from the 1960's called Beardism.
Enjoy pages of Beardist historical curios, poetry, literature, art, and more!

I'm also a proud contemporary Beardist myself. :)

Very best,



I haven't had a sell-out since Death's Head Gold in '92, so that's AMAZINGLY cool news for me! I hear it's selling fast or sold out in most US shops too. I know for sure three NY stores were out at the first weekend, so here's hoping... Been getting fantastic unprompted feedback from my fellow writer and artist friends, which counts for a whole lot. Much appreciated. You know who you are, lovely people!

So yeah, this feels like something of a come-back! I mean, a REAL come-back. Damn nice it feels too.

One thing I was really keen to do was make it a cool comic, not a game tie-in. I'm not a gamer myself, so if it didn't interest me as a story and an artist I wasn't going to do it. But I had no problem getting into it, and actually I've really loved it, which I think shows in the drawing - especially by issue 2.

I've just put a bunch of pages - well the ones I have left still - up for sale on a dedicated site.  Drop by if you're interested!

Anyway, again - massive thanks to you people who got a copy. See you next issue!

Cheers all!



For the very best kind of respite from the Groundhog Day of comic drawing there's little - other than writing - that gives me more pleasure than crafting a tune or three.  I created this Mamtor music page so I could put it online and hide behind the anonymity - but now I'm over 40 I find myself caring a little less what people think.  You live once, after all!  Why not live it to the full and enjoy your creations, however successful or unsuccessful they may be?
Here are a bunch of tunes/songs I've created on either Logic (Love), Garageband (Cat in Shades) or using the condenser mike on the mac with very low-fi recording software and a guitar (Tarantino). 

Have fun!



Here's another link to my favourite bit of the night that just went up recently.  It's a night I'll never forget.  That's the legend that is Simon Bisley screaming at the start, and the astonishingly talented Dougie Braithwaite you can hear shouting "We love you!"  Such fond memories. :)



GEARS OF WAR 10/10/2008

Well, it's out!  A big, textured bloodbath amongst the wreckage of faded glory.  So, it's a computer game, sure, but I'm seeing this as a tribute, artwise, to the classic UK war comics of the 70s, and 2000ad staples such as Rogue Trouper.  Old-school blood and thunder!

Here are a few of the pages. Enjoy!



And here's the FIRST sneaky peek at art from #2...


Well, as if being told about it wasn't enough, here's a link to one audience member who got his phone out and filmed most of the show... :)




Well, another Brum con over.  And I'm feeling older.

A little over three weeks ago Phil Winslade (a comic artist who should be held in the very highest regard, being one of a staggering few with amazing draughtsmanship AND storytelling skills - but who somehow contrives to be far too often overlooked by a generally blinkered industry) called up with regard to being in a 'comic celeb' band.  The upshot is 'Giant-Size Band-Thing' was formed in time to get five (yes, that's right FIVE) rehersals in before the launch party.  It comprised of Phil on guitar, Charlie Adlard drumming, Paul Birch on bass, and my vocals.  We got an hour long set list together, and at around 10.30 hit the stage...
Well, once the horror of discovering my mike had a dodgy lead (which resulted in my cutting out all through the first track) was over-come, we settled in to a riotously recieved set!  Maybe it WAS the booze, maybe it WAS the room full of friends and acquaintances, maybe it was just that everybody knew we weren't taking ourselves at all seriously - but man, I enjoyed it.
And how blessedly fast it was all over...

Sadly I had to duck out of most of the rest of the con to get back to work, but even now, two days later, I'm feeling it.


Cheers all.



    Liam Sharp

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