I haven't had a sell-out since Death's Head Gold in '92, so that's AMAZINGLY cool news for me! I hear it's selling fast or sold out in most US shops too. I know for sure three NY stores were out at the first weekend, so here's hoping... Been getting fantastic unprompted feedback from my fellow writer and artist friends, which counts for a whole lot. Much appreciated. You know who you are, lovely people!

So yeah, this feels like something of a come-back! I mean, a REAL come-back. Damn nice it feels too.

One thing I was really keen to do was make it a cool comic, not a game tie-in. I'm not a gamer myself, so if it didn't interest me as a story and an artist I wasn't going to do it. But I had no problem getting into it, and actually I've really loved it, which I think shows in the drawing - especially by issue 2.

I've just put a bunch of pages - well the ones I have left still - up for sale on a dedicated site.  Drop by if you're interested!

Anyway, again - massive thanks to you people who got a copy. See you next issue!

Cheers all!




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