Well, another Brum con over.  And I'm feeling older.

A little over three weeks ago Phil Winslade (a comic artist who should be held in the very highest regard, being one of a staggering few with amazing draughtsmanship AND storytelling skills - but who somehow contrives to be far too often overlooked by a generally blinkered industry) called up with regard to being in a 'comic celeb' band.  The upshot is 'Giant-Size Band-Thing' was formed in time to get five (yes, that's right FIVE) rehersals in before the launch party.  It comprised of Phil on guitar, Charlie Adlard drumming, Paul Birch on bass, and my vocals.  We got an hour long set list together, and at around 10.30 hit the stage...
Well, once the horror of discovering my mike had a dodgy lead (which resulted in my cutting out all through the first track) was over-come, we settled in to a riotously recieved set!  Maybe it WAS the booze, maybe it WAS the room full of friends and acquaintances, maybe it was just that everybody knew we weren't taking ourselves at all seriously - but man, I enjoyed it.
And how blessedly fast it was all over...

Sadly I had to duck out of most of the rest of the con to get back to work, but even now, two days later, I'm feeling it.


Cheers all.




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