For the very best kind of respite from the Groundhog Day of comic drawing there's little - other than writing - that gives me more pleasure than crafting a tune or three.  I created this Mamtor music page so I could put it online and hide behind the anonymity - but now I'm over 40 I find myself caring a little less what people think.  You live once, after all!  Why not live it to the full and enjoy your creations, however successful or unsuccessful they may be?
Here are a bunch of tunes/songs I've created on either Logic (Love), Garageband (Cat in Shades) or using the condenser mike on the mac with very low-fi recording software and a guitar (Tarantino). 

Have fun!




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    Liam Sharp

    Liam Sharp is an artist, writer, publisher and wannabe rock-god.  He has three children, Matylda, Lorcan and Jeff, and is married to Christina.  They share their home with a black cat that claps it's forepaws.  They still have no idea why.


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